Mary Lydia Ryan

Mary Lydia Ryan has a rich, soulful voice, haunting piano accompaniments and an endearing spirit. When it came time to create artwork for her upcoming music releases, we wanted it to be reflective of her nature and to have a film-like, grainy texture. Visit Mary’s Site


Ode to Kali

Created as a representative centerpiece for a project involving poetry with the power to transform and dissolve societal stereotypes; the goddess Kali stands on her fallen consort Shiva and holds her weapons of destruction and the symbolic head of perfection. Materials Used: 4 dolls, jewelry findings and beads, craft porcelain, enamel paint

Lego Man Costume - By Kristen Bonnalie

Halloween Costumes

Over the years, my children have had some pretty fun requests for costumes. I am still trying to find photos of them all, but here is the collection so far. 2011 – Lego Man: Made out of cardboard, poster-board, foam wreaths and paint. Inspired by these fun guys: Lego Men 2010 Cleopatra & 50’s Guy: …