Us Ones In Between Trailer – Short Film

April Rogalski as Daphne

Us Ones In Between – Trailer from Kristen Bonnalie on Vimeo.

This is the trailer for a short film based on the Greek Mythology of Daphne and Apollo. In our telling, Apollo pursues Daphne through the ages. We created this at work as a passion project, using mostly our spare time, with limited resources.

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My Role: Producer / Production Designer / Costume Designer / Prop Designer / Hair & Makeup Designer

Director/DP/Editor/Color/Co-Writer: Ty Migota
2nd Cam/Co-Editor/Co-Color/Co-Writer: Nick Davis
AD: Shawn Telford

Daphne: April Rogalski
Apollo: Ryan Wren Barret
Cupid: Connor Jerimy Toms
Peneus: Richard Mollette

A VMG/studio520 Production

Special thanks to the Neely Mansion for their generous support.

Victorian Era: Original skirt pattern, purchased authentic starched organza
Victorian blouse and modern satin undershirt.

1920’s Era – Flapper Dress: Original dress pattern made of heavy brown satin and chiffon.
Original under-dress pattern made of satin and hand-beaded lace.

1920’s Era – Flapper Dress: Detail of hand-beading.

Modern Era: Original bolero pattern made of silk dupioni with slashed sleeves. Purchased Prada dress.

Cupid’s Quiver & Arrows: Hand-stained and cut leather over original pattern form.
Arrows provided by Jay St. Charles of Pacific Yew Longbows & embellished by Brenda Migota.

Daphne’s Headdress: Original design covered in bark and moss.

Daphne’s Boot: Original design covered in fabric, bark and moss.

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