Paper Trail


Ben Rapson approached me months ago to work on a music video for Oliver Franklin. “Paper,” everything is out of paper (except the clothes 😉 ). I talked him into hiring a costume designer (boy, did we get a good one-Ron Leamon!!!) so that I could focus on the production design. We are using political cartoons as our inspiration, which will give us quite a bit of flexibility in our set pieces.

Five other jobs, pneumonia, tendinitis (caused by the medication that treated my pneumonia) and a week-long Thanksgiving trip to SoCal later, I find myself at various arts and craft stores buying supplies (that I have back home) in order to finally work on some of the elements.

Drawing is not my strong suit. Like construction, I can do it, I have all the tools, but it takes me longer and I always feel that I could have done it better. Finally, progress! The visual style of the character masks is cemented and I am over halfway done with the designs for them. Right now the base is out of standard printer paper; those designs will be transferred to a heavier stock (probably matte board), there will be a crease down the center to allow for the nose, pupils will be cut out replaced by mesh so the actors can see and bands will be placed on the back to secure them to the actors faces.

Paper Face Masks

One year later – masks installed in my home with accompanying chairs.





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