Halloween Costumes

Lego Man Costume - By Kristen Bonnalie

Over the years, my children have had some pretty fun requests for costumes. I am still trying to find photos of them all, but here is the collection so far.

2011 – Lego Man:

Made out of cardboard, poster-board, foam wreaths and paint.

Inspired by these fun guys: Lego Men

2010 Cleopatra & 50’s Guy:

Cleopatra is an original pattern made of cotton and purchased beaded embellishments.

50’s guy was inspired from Happy Days. Borrowed leather jacket & purchased jeans & t-shirt.

2010 Renaissance Maiden:

Original pattern made of heavy, embroidered cottons.

2005 – Daphne & Crocodile:

Original patterns made from cotton.

2003 – The Cowardly Lion

Original pattern, hand-tied lion mane.

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