Explorations in Catharsis – Return To Sender – Mixed Media

February 6, 2013 in Blog by Kristen Bonnalie

What do you do with the returned remnants of a former life? You could burn them. Throw them away. Place them in the recycling bin. Or you can make something new. The later is my choice and this is a project that I have been working out in my mind for a few years. I had some previously misused canvases and so, I finally am getting to work on this.

The finished piece will be comprised of 4 canvases (2 square and 2 rectangular) and measure 42 x 48 inches

Images 1 & 2: Red and green dye baths with submerged pages

Image 3: The dyed and torn pages, set out to dry on my sink

Image 4: Piles of dyed and torn paper with materials to be used

Image 5: One of the square canvases being prepped

Image 6: One of the rectangular canvases with first layer of “foliage”

Images 6 & 7: Closeup of “foliage”