Costume / Fashion Design

As a child, I was always draping fabric around my dolls in unusual fashions. By the time I turned 12, I had taught myself to cut the fabric into shapes and hand-stitch it together. As a teenager, I learned to use a sewing machine and read patterns. One of my first jobs was at Nelson’s Fabric Tree (a family owned fabric and sewing machine store). I sewed prom dresses for my friends, altered outfits for my sisters and when they all got married, I made them wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I eventually became a Costume Designer for Columbia Basin College and have continued honing the craft as I create for film, commercials and my own children.

More Costume Design

Daphne's Tree Boot  - By Kristen Bonnalie

“Us Ones In Between” tells the story of Daphne and Apollo; we chose to span their story and chase over centuries. The tale culminates in her transformation into a tree. This boot is one of the many pieces that I custom fabricated for this project.


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